Floral RinG Prop

I LOVE A GOOD PROJECT! That may be quite obvious considering the amount of time I spend taking pictures, editing them, and completing all the other tasks associated with photography. I decided I just had to have a beautiful floral ring as a prop for taking even more beautiful portraits. Usually, you see floral rings like this used as swings, but I just wanted something to stand on the ground. I decided DIY would be fun so I created this beauty and thought I would share how to make one of your own. In my endeavor to create a beautiful floral ring without breaking the bank, I searched online and in local crafts stores for reasonably priced materials. The total cost ended up being less than $100 (I would guess around $85), but you could do it for around $50-$60 if you cut out a few of the materials that I used. The project takes about two days to complete given time to allow the paint to dry properly. It can be completed in one day if you choose not to paint the rack.

Want to make one of your own? Here's how I did it:

For the base of the ring I bought a 40 inch round fire log holder. I purchased mine online from a local home improvement store for around $35. Most log holders come in black. I decided that I wanted mine to be a softer color so I purchased gold champagne spray paint. It took two cans of spray paint to coat the ring enough to cover the original black color. Side note, I wish that I would have taken more pictures of the process to share, but I was too caught up in creating!

After spray painting the parts and letting them dry overnight, I started assembling the floral rack. This is where things got fun, NOT!  It looked simple enough to put together. Two legs, two loops, and some screws. Ugh! It turned out to be one big pain in the....you get my point. The holes did not align correctly. I will admit there were a few moments I let it get the best of me. Because some of the parts were misaligned I ended up bending quite a bit to get things to fit. My husband was impressed that I bent one of the screws pretty good and in the end we got it assembled. The paint ended up taking a bit of a beating from the antics required while putting it together, so a bit of paint touch up was needed once we got it assembled. For added protection I sprayed a coat or two of clear enamel spray paint I already had on hand.. I would recommend adding the clear enamel if you spray paint the rack. Since it has dried the paint seems to be holding up well.

Before I began adding the floral, I used 1/4 inch jute rope to make the seat. It came in a 1 lb. roll that measured 134ft. I used two rolls for the project. To attach the jute. I used a series of tying and wrapping to attached. My almost 4 year old sat and stood on the seat and it held up just fine. I determined while working on this part of the project, that I need to learn some knot typing skills.

For the floral part of this project I started by attaching a garland.  Once the garland was attached, I gradually added various floral picks of flowers and greenery until I was happy with how it looked. I'd like to add that I managed to pull off this project with two buds running around and the oldest arguing with me about how I should use the yellow sunflowers (of course I bought more floral than what I used, I got it on sale so cheap!). I agree the sunflowers are pretty and would make for a wonderfully fun fall prop. I may have to give in and change it up within the next few months!

So, there you have it! You can make a floral ring of your own and personalize it any way you like it!


  • 1 40inch round fire log holder
  • floral picks, garland, etc.
  • florist wire
  • wire cutters
  • 2 1 lb. rolls of 1/4 inch Jute
  • 2 can of spray paint (optional)
  • 1 can of clear spray enamel (optional)

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